by Equestria-Prevails

Ok, 15 days until Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, are you guys ready? Are you willing to fight teeth and nail with Moms and Grandmas at 5am for the best damn pony deals around? You better be.

It’s coming.

So far – as of writing – there isn’t much in the way of deals on ponies. Walmart’s just came out and they are still pimping Hello Kitty and Dora the Explorer, so no luck there. The big tickets will be Toys R Us and Target. Keep your eyes peeled for the Big Lots and Costco ads as they get pony stuff too at times.

Happy Hunting!

I will update this with specific deals when I can!

Blaine’s Farm and Fleet has the individual ponies for sale at $3.89 each!
Compared to the regular price of 5.99 that’s pretty damn good! Does this cross over to Fleet Farm? I thought they were pretty much the same thing… They also have a g3.5 DS game on sale for $17 if that’s something you would like.

I have no idea what Fred’s is, but they say they have Hasbro up to 50% off. No pony pictures so that’s sketchy

  • 8ftmetalhead

    so it's like some sort of american holiday?

  • plaster

    the day after thanksgiving marks the final stretch before the holidays (Christmas) and the start of people scrambling for gifts.

    American Thanksgiving is the last Thursday in November ALWAYS

  • DerpySquad

    No, more like a horrid day that symbolizes all that is wrong with commercialism in the USA. I'll lay it out for our foreign friends.

    Its the Friday directly after American Thanksgiving, and basically every store and shop holds huge sales on their merchandise for Xmas shopping / gifts. For example, say a LCD television costs $1000 dollars, on this day they mark it down to $500. So massive savings.

    Its called "Black" Friday because this is the day that typically makes or breaks a retail companies financial year.

    Reasons I hate it is per say, they have that LCD television on sale for $500 dollars, but the stores only stock 10 of them. Then all the stores open up insanely early, 5am.

    End result is you get these giant hordes of people waiting outside the store who stampede in the second the doors unlocked. People tend to get hurt, even a few years ago a Walmart worker died because he got throw backwards as he unlocked the doors, and got trampled to death by the horde of mindless assholes rushing in.

    And know you now.

  • plaster


    all of that.

    I participated in it one year, it's a wild ride. it's like you're playing a game show almost. You run in and you have to find the shit you were planning on getting from the adverts they put out weeks beforehand. dodging people while running as fast as you can while you carry all those crazy deals.

    You ever watch the anime ben-to? it's a new one this season, if you have you may know what's up on black friday in stores

  • Anonymous

    Oh America, you so crazy!

  • Michael C

    Do you know what's worse than PARTICIPATING in Black Friday mayhem? Cleaning up after it. Last year I was a janitor at a local Best Buy on Black Friday…This year I'm locking myself in my house with a pile of leftovers and catching up on my Sentai shows…

  • Lethallin

    I try to keep indoors for Black Friday. I worked at a kiosk in a mall once on that day. The amount of people there was insane, to put it lightly. Fortunately as a kiosk selling computers, we didn't have to deal with the crazies looking to save a few bucks, but still.

  • 89e8ebe8-0bc5-11e1-bec0-000bcdcb471e

    Time to go Pre-Black Friday shopping! :D

  • Anonymous

    Target has no pony deals, Toy R Us has the old gen remote controlled Rainbow Dash air plane for 10 bucks