Steam Derpy by ~NyanSummer

For you guys trying to decrypt the blind bag ponies, community member Joseph of the Gulf Coast Brony group has gone through and decrypted the bags for you, so the mystery bag is no longer a mystery. The entire list can be found behind the page break. Also remember that Hasbro’s Toy Shop also carries a full set available for about fifty dollars USD, and is currently having a 20% off sale on all merchandise sold online. Otherwise the Blind Bags are found at Walmart, Toys R Us and I think some Target stores.

20415 – Pinkie Pie
20425 – Applejack
20435 – Rainbow Dash
20445 – Rarity
20455 – Twilight Sparkle
20465 – Fluttershy
20475 – Sugar Grape
20485 – Lily Blossom
20495 – Minty
21405 – Bumblesweet
21415 – Fizzy Pop
21425 – Flower Wishes
21435 – Roseluck
21445 – Sweetie Blue
21455 – Pepperdance
21465 – Lemon Hearts
21475 – Cherry Spices
21485 – Sweetie Swirl
21495 – Lucky Swirl
22405 – Sweetcream Scoops
22415 – Firecracker Burst
22425 – Pinkie Pie (Special Edition)
22435 – Twilight Sparkle (Special Edition)
22445 – Rainbow Dash (Special Edition)

  • Hawaii Brony

    Finally, no more wierd looks when fondling the bags to figure out what’s inside ^_^;; Works for the first five, but not so much when you want the others since similar poses

  • Julian (AppleJackFan)

    Don’t it say it on the back of the flap anyway. The blind bags are really easy to find the one you want, because it says it on the back of the flap. Theres an imprinted number on the top corner of the flap. Oh and the blind bags are sold at Toy R Us, Wal-Mart, and CVS. I’ve been to a bunch of Targets looking and no. Its not on the shelves :(

  • Drax

    Derp… just remove the 2*4*5. Same numbers.
    *0*1* =Pinkie
    *0*2* =Applejack
    *0*3* =Rainbow Dash
    *0*4* =Rarity
    *0*5* =Twilight Sparkle
    *0*6* =Fluttershy

    Ect… easy enough pattern to read, just follow the original number chart.

  • solstis

    Where I live they re hard to find. Walmart can’t keep stock, kamart is out, Target doesnt carry them, Toys R US says they are not ordering MLP in general…..
    I have 3 but couldn’t fin them for a month now I have to wait 5 days for walmart to stock the shelf . i’m not ready to drop 50$ on a box I need some people to split it with