Blind Bag Pony Set

Including all of the Mane 6, Including the Fluttershy that Hasbro said they wouldn’t make (Apparently I was wrong with this stat!). All there. The extras are just recolors, but the case they come in remind me of the cases I had as a kid for all my toy cars. The last set to be leaked from China took about a month from initial catch to being in the stores.

Thanks to ShortyBoo and everyone else from MLPArena for being the original source, and for making it look easy for the rest of us.

[Shamelessly reposted from EqD]

  • Alice Wonderbra

    Blindbag "Fluttershy" (wish it looked more like her) has always existed. Hasbro said they didn't have plans to make any more sculpted hair ponies, i.e Fluttershy version of the Gift set and Ponyville tube set. The Blinbag ponies are smaller than those two collections and not what Hasbro meant.

  • Plaster

    oh, interesting. I was trying to recall the Shutterfly incident and I thought that's what that meant. Thank you for your help!

  • nh4no3

    The fact that they're all just blatant recolors of the mane six, or mane five given that Fluttershy is just another recolor of Dash, disappoints me greatly.

  • Anonymous

    So who are the other six?