Series 2 & 3 available for pre-order on

Now available from online toy shop ToyWiz are the Series 3 Blind Bag Ponies. You can either purchase the giant box of them, or you can buy a bag of I think 5.

If you saw in the comments, a representative has given the code EPICDAWN for 5% off your order! Thanks Toywiz!

They are currently in pre-order status. The boxes are due out in July, while the smaller packages are due out in August. For anyone who hasn’t gotten their Series 2 figures, they are also going to be available on ToyWiz.

Series 4 now available in Europe

Wave 4 Blind Bags over in Europe seem to be appearing in actual stores now. The one report has been a story known as Bart Smit in Belgium. Let us know if you find them and what store, so we can keep track of these.

Reported by Nyerguds

  • Hey thanks for mentioning us! We’ve got 5% off too with code EPICDAWN on ToyWiz if that helps your readers :)

  • Hawaii Brony

    Sweet, hopefully these hit the stores soon too. It was hard enough finding the first series down here (Oahu, Hawaii) since they can’t seem to keep’em in stock. Too many times got my hopes up seeing the display box from afar, and then getting closer seeing it was empty T-T