by ~Mennorino

Well glad I waited a little bit before repeating this from the EqD, there is some merchandise rumblings going on. First off it seems that the Blind Bag ponies are starting to appear at Walmart, first sighting reported from San Antonio, Tx (pictures to the left are from Chef Sandy of Bronyville).

According to the EqD reports, you can buy an entire box of them from Walmart for about $50 bills, and the box will include one of each. Apparently the labeling system being used over in Europe is different from what we’ve seen (and more or less identified), so it’ll be somewhat random.

Its also been reported by some McDonalds are currently selling the ponies from last year’s Happy Meal deals. This doesn’t look to be official, just more or less McD getting rid of the back stock left over from last year. The reports of this have been so far from Modesto, California and Paraguay


  • I gotta be on the lookout then…

  • No_Longer-Anon

    I just came across a spare $50 (which is rare for me) and I was going to blow it on some RAM for my laptop… but then this happend. MY HEART IS TORN.

  • maureen

    Is that Derpy that McD’s has in their lineup of toys for next months Happy Meal giveaways? She doesn’t look quite right to me.