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From Brand Licensing Europe’s Twitter page comes this number.  While the original focus of their Twitter post was to promote Furby, there’s something else quite interesting in the background.  It might just be a vector artist playing around, but there’s clearly a Twilight Sparkle with wings on the wall scroll.  Either way, cue the rumor mill.

[Via EQD]

  • Considering what we’ve seen with past cardboard displays and stuff (Cadence and Shining Armor, for example), I have a feeling that this is predicting a future event in the show, season 3 or 4.

    I was going to say “Cue the fan fictions!”, but then I realized that there are probably already stories about Twilight getting wings, just like there are stories about Rainbow Dash with a horn, and other stories where pony types, wings, and horns are taken away or added.

  • Twilight reads so much that she finally figures out how to turn herself into an alicorn, thus becoming the Princess of Books.

  • Anonymous


    I seriously doubt that Twi’s going alicorn anytime soon. If she actually transformed into one in the show, there would be riots in the streets of the fandom.

    My money is on this being a massive art botch. Nothing more.

    • Shan. M.

      LOL get into the modern MLP world. see the ad on the Hub.

  • Citrus Rain

    That’s not FiM Twi, that’s FiW Twi.

    And she’s godmodding.

  • Erik

    You guys should let derpy hooves have more speaking rolls in the series. I love it when she talks in season 2, in the episode called the last roundup show. I don’t want her to be another background actor in the show again. She could be part of twilight sparkle’s team to.

  • Anonymous

    This is either a highly developed plan, or the douche bag of the decade awards. The way I look at it, the names kinda go together. “Luna”, princess of the night, “Celestia”, princess of the day, and then we’re “Twilight” Sparkle. Think about that for a minute…

  • Anonymous

    I do not accept this this is just messed up for me Im sorry but its true! >:(