Dashing Do and the Sparkle Ghost by dm29

Dashing Do and the Sparkle Ghost by dm29

UPDATE: DTV recording is now available! —Spazz

Another preview of the premiere has surfaced, this one on a Comcast on-demand service. DHN’s very own Ryan C was so good to quickly film it off the screen. We’ll swap in a higher-quality version when it becomes available.

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  • Applepie

    Finally the moment has arrived.

  • SurfPenguin

    Well, I never thought I’d see so much foreshadowing crammed into six minutes and twenty-five seconds…

  • Anonymous

    In a crisis, the *last* thing Equestria needs is Sarah Neighlin anywhere near the seat of power.

  • How long does it take to rip/convert/download a video from an on-demand service? And why can’t I find this on AT&T U-Verse?

    • Wonderwing94

      Tell me about it! The Hub used to be on the AT&T On-Demand service, but I haven’t seen it for the past few months now.

  • Aponymous

    Hmm well props to Comcast on this one.

    I might add the on-demand section lists it as 8 minutes AND the sneak peak is also in a few other HUB show selections (yes if you go into the Pound Puppies,Strawberry Shortcake,and/or Care Bears section the “Sneak peak” is listed there too :P)

    odd it isn’t listed under Transformers however later this week the HUB is “Transforming” for an entire day. (and night,26 hours worth of Prime if anyone’s interested

    • Spazz

      I was just basing it off of what my OD service said. In fact, the description says something different.

      • Aponymous

        Actually mine has the exact same description and available til as that (8 mins,sans the pic,and the better looking grid,and the time with the expirey date.)

        confound you Comcast/XFinity why u no list time with Avail til date and nice looking picture grid like Cox does with On-Demand?

        also does anyone know if they’ve rescheduled the playdate premiere party showing due to the recent weather?

  • Nice job on the direct rip! But why isn’t it a perfect 16:9, and why doesn’t it seem to be HD or the correct colors?

    • Spazz

      I don’t get The Hub in HD, I don’t screw with “color correction,” It’s just a preview, the specs don’t have to be perfect as with an episode rip.