haha, yeah. https://twitter.com/#!/notch
Notch made Minecraft, if you’re lost

  • Anonymous

    Most certainly joke/trolling

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell is notch?

  • Anonymous

    But notch is a bad programmer.

  • Telofy

    Now I know Notch. By the way, you were 31 minutes faster than EqD and made that screenshot 31 minutes after he tweeted. Congrats. ;-)

  • DerpySquad

    The guy behind Minecraft.

  • Anonymous

    We must make Gabe Newell confess he's a brony!

  • plaster

    we must make him release HL3 first

  • aeroyTechyon-X

    Minecraft's creator's a brony? Now that's a hit!

  • Anonymous