I love Battletech

The My Little Pony facebook is at it again! In case you missed it there’s a picture from the next episode on there so those who don’t like spoilers better watch out. I’ll post it behind a break for your convenience.


When Nightmare Moon was defeated, her evil power was eradicated.  Luna was reborn with her magic level very low.  It took time for her “good” power to come back to her, and now she’s healed, reformed and rehabilitated and it’s indicated by her magic mane.

I just made that up.

I don’t know how the new show runners would explain it, but that’s how I would.

(Lauren Faust)
  • gingerale

    This spoiler pic takes all the fanart of Luna and throws them STRAIGHT out the window.

  • plaster

    yeah, i didn't realize that her hair was going to be ethereal or whatever, like NMM's was. I thought it was going to stay like it was in episode 2

  • Anonymous

    I'm totally fine with this ethereal hair.

  • Lethallin

    I really like her mane.

  • DerpySquad

    Added the second picture, totally jacked from EqD but I don't care. New character, I want fanart and fanfics and him or her shipped with someone NOW.

  • Mint Drop

    Did Spike dress up as himself? That is amazing.

  • Anonymous

    I liked her other mane more than this one. Maybe it turns like this at night, you know… Luna… The Moon in the sky…

  • plaster

    oooh ^ that's a cool idea

  • derpymaths

    she's all grown up!

  • derpy dash typhlosion

    ummmmm do you liek umm bananas

  • 21shootingstar -★-

    you know, I think that the first image, the one with the robots, is quite aggressive and disturbing it kind of makes me think that we are getting the same public image that the furry fandom, I have nothing against furrys, it's just that their image is not so good, but whatever who cares about haters and I have to admit that those robots are impressive.

    Back to the subject, Luna looks so cool now it totaly blew my mind, now she is at the same level as princess celestia, finally we will know what happened with her and why she didn’t appeared again before, I hope that we see her again after this episode.

  • jpshort

    I already see the meme for spikes costume

  • Anonymous

    So… the second screenshot must be from the end of the episode.

  • plaster

    21shootingstar… i hate to break it to ya buddy, but we are. People are saying we're "worse than the sonic fandom" and "pedophile furries" and the like.. Not here specifically hopefully, but I know the fanbase is getting rocked pretty hard everywhere outside the safety of it's confines

  • Anonymous

    >"worse than the sonic fandom" and "pedophile furries"

    Unfortunately the loudest, most visible portion of the fandom is exactly like that.

  • Anonymous

    Already fanon is smashed into pieces.

    Let the culling begin.

  • Patrick

    Nnnnnyeah, I know some people who already react with hostility to any mention of MLP just because they consider the fandom to be pushy, aggressive and creepy.

    Even though they don't particularly loathe the show itself or anything.

  • ShadowTani

    Well, the haters most repeated excuse for hating us, that we're a cancer, pretty much sums up the main reason why we're getting under the skin to most of them. We're slowly infecting their family, friends, hobbies and God knows what else. Can only feel sorry for them. x3

    So combined with the fact that some of us are worse than Jehovah's witnesses it's no surprise we're getting a lot more passionate haters after us than other fandoms.

    What saddens me though is the lack of skill in communication and argument techniques a lot of bronies have when trying to counter troll… It just feeds the troll. It's like trying to defend yourself from some gorilla of a man in real life without knowing anything about self defense. =_=

    On topic: I knew Jason said some of the fandom ideas would become absolute in season 2, but it seems they only made things more epic than what we came up with. I'm OK with this. <3

  • Anonymous

    Guys, everything is hated by someone on the internet.
    Overreaction is exactly what "haters" want, so how about you just ignore them?
    I don't know about you but I've never met a "hater" in real life although a lot of people know I like this show, and frankly I don't care what random strangers on the internet think about me, their opinion doesn't matter at all.