Yeah, I know, its not pony, but still.

Well if you were out having fun, you missed out on some hardcore nostalgia. Adult Swim finally gave up on having The Room as their April Fools joke and actually did something cool. pranked us with a night of Toonami. For many people its a major blast from the past, even though 2008 doesn’t seem so far away. For many it was late nights on school nights, and some of us older fellows it was during that time just after high school. The block featured remastered bumps from I think the last version of the show, had a schedule of old shows we haven’t seen grace CN’s signal in eons, (Dragonball Z, Outlaw Star, Yu Yu Hakusho, Tenchi, Gundam Wing, Big-O, TriGun, and those old 1950s animes). They also played the above video multiple times.

As many of us wish, this isn’t real folks, April Fools…haha..ha…..ha. This can be confirmed via Steve Blum (voice of Tom, and of course many characters) by a tweet that kind of said it was a one time thing, but highly encouraged everyone to go to Cartoon Network and tell them, bring it back. You can do that here, there is a listing for Toonami under Programming. Its a moot point in the end, but much like the lottery, hey, you never know. Either way, thank you Adult Swim for actually making my day fun in a way, for once.

  • Twaiuraito

    This is more important than pony. Thanks DerpySquad!

  • Specs

    Every year I wonder what they will do next and every year I miss it.

  • doozier

    This one gave me chills back in the day (and still does).

    These videos are what first got me into video editing, actually. Good old Toonami…

  • Dapperghast

    Man that’s not fair, AS. You can’t assault me with constant onslaught of april fools “jokes” that could be generously described as insipid, then suddenly do the most awesome thing imaginable once you’ve driven me away.