A very interesting video has cropped up from a group calling themselves “Bronies for Chaos”, which off the bat makes you think a troll group when in fact they are a new media outlet. For their first report they take on the story of the week, Las Pegasus Unicon. In general they go over the facts that we know right now, such as the fact that most people have declared the statement from LPU to be false. This includes the hotel and the MLP crew agents. There has been rumors that the voice actors were paid, though I do believe M.A. Larson tweeted at one point that outside of airfare and hotel, he had received $0.00 dollars.

As reported some of the mlp crew have waived their appearance fee to the Vegas disaster, namely Tara Strong and John de Lancie who declared they would be happy enough just to have their travel expenses covered. I also know other media outlets will be coming out with their own reports in the next few days, as our own Gendid is preparing to write up his report.

27 minute report with BigBiker05 and FlyingTaco after the page break.

  • Anonymous

    This just really pisses me off! As someone who is in a poor financial situation and has to live two weeks off of just one paycheck; I understand what it is like to have to spend your money carefully. To go to a con like this it would take me a year of saving up money and I’m sure their are a lot of other people like this. Whether she bit off more than she could chew or it was a big scam; it just isn’t right.