Repeat from Equestria Daily, seems the bronies have been talked about on Fox News, specifically on a show called Red Eye.  I haven’t had the time to check around, namely the almost 200 comments on EqD nor the comments on the youtube video, but generally it seems bronies are pissed at this.

If you have never seen Red Eye, its basically the ‘joke’ news show of the Fox News, airs at like 3am on Fridays.  Of course Fox News itself is an utter joke and should be shunned, there are just plain (pardon my french) fucking crazy on that channel, and typically attempt to act like an actual news network like CNN, but yet call it more entertainment than news.  Either way, Red Eye is specifically non-serious if you have never seen it.  One of their field reporters is my favorite human in the world, Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungeus of the band GWAR (and my favorite band since 13).  Dave’s an awesome guy, but even on this show he is playing his part of Oderus, lead singer and pirate space alien of Gwar (do some research).

Either way, I watched it, and just shrug it off.  Maybe you know who these guests are, I see a comedian I have never seen nor heard, an aging fellow of probably 50 years old, and some woman.  And as other bronies have said, love and tolerate.  But either way, brony or not, you just can’t let people like this actually get under your skin, makes life much better.

  • derpymaths

    theyre just a buncha trolls. the whole network is all trollin' all the time.

  • Finley

    Its kinda sad how ignorant the world is i mean come on comparing us to terrorist really. cant we just Have some love.

  • DeViL CoNvOy

    meh i sorta lol'd, kinda.