Brony Health Group

Attention all pony-folk! Have you ever wanted to get in shape, but couldn’t find the drive? Ever wanted to start eating healthy, but couldn’t keep the motivation? I know I have many times. Which is why we’re proud to announce the official launch of the Brony Health Group!

The Brony Health Group has one sole mission: To help Bronies across the world make those first steps onto the path of living a healthier life. The BHG has a full staff of knowledgeable Brony writers who create articles on health with a good mix of pony to keep things relevant and fun. Along with the main site there is the BHG Forum where people can help support each other on their individual missions to become healthy and can also ask the Staff direct questions on health, nutrition, physical fitness, and more. We can’t tell you that becoming a part of the Brony Health Group will transform you into a ripped Adonis, but by following the steps we’ll be laying out you can begin the journey to become a healthier person.

By checking out our main site, joining the forum, or liking the Facebook page we welcome every Brony everywhere to join the Brony Health Group. Through supporting each other in our goals we can all become a bit healthier and go against the stereotype that has been against fandoms like ours for generations. Please watch the video below for a direct message from BHG’s founder, DudeBroBrony.

If you’re interested in starting the path to a healthier life and want to help support other Bronies on their own journey join the Brony Health Group in the links below.

Main Site –

Forum –

Facebook –

Youtube –

  • SurfPenguin

    Pony Fandom, the first fandom that actively encourages physical fitness…yet another thing that makes bronies unique!

  • Azure

    If only it was ‘Mane site’ not ‘Main site’. But yea, awesome initiative.

  • SimplyRarity

    Atleast the food part will be cheap. They will have all the spaghetti they can eat falling right out of their pockets.

    • lel comady gold

      spaghetti lel so funnay

  • Outapony

    Why does this fan base insist that ponies need to be a lifestyle choice?

  • FSREqA

    You do realize it makes absolutely no sense to warp your life around a show, right?

    I mean if Fluttershy working out inspired you or some shit, then it’s fine – but doing it like this is just….It reeks of delicious Italian tomato sauce covered spaghettis, beautifully arranged in pockets of track suits.

  • Concerned /fit/izen

    Its good that they want to better themselves, And im trusting that the writers actually know what they are talking about (skimming through the site I thankfully didnt see any fad diet or pop workout material) but im really concerned about the image.

    Like the above 3 posters, Its just kind of silly. Not even the fact that you unite under a brony banner…How else do you expect to permeate the fandom? But that it doesnt end there. Instead of those people going through the facebook group, or a hub site that links to places like livestrong or menshealth (or a favorite of the /fit/ board – scoobysworkshop) Its still all kinda focused on specially branded health columns. Its not so much bronyhealthgroup as it is bronies as a whole, desperate to insert ponies into EVERY facet of their life…and its ironically unhealthy.

    Oh yea, obligatory spaghetti from your pockets hue hue hue

  • lol/fit/

    So… because they happened to make a group centralized around working out together just because they also happen to like ponies means that they’re taking the entire thing too far, are obsessed and such and such.

    Despite the fact that pretty much every other major company and/or organization has a workout group or gym membership program.

    Yeah, okay. You keep thinking that, 4chon.

    • Concerned /fit/izen

      I like ponies :/

      Im just not obsessed, and try to put it into every thing I do.

      “Despite the fact that pretty much every other major company and/or organization has a workout group or gym membership program.”
      what does that even matter?
      Bronies rely WAY too much on ponies, and its JUST you people; its not like you see an Adventure time health group.

      Im not saying its an issue that they want to do it, that they watch the show, or that they take something from it…its just that its getting really ridiculous at this point, and letting the cartoon show consume every part of your life? Its mentally unhealthy.

      • Anonymous

        > what does that even matter?

        I think it matters because you’re all overreacting to a group that wants to work out that also likes ponies.

        It’s a far, far cry from “consuming your life.” It would be consuming their lives if they did NOTHING else but watch and talk about the show.

        • Concerned /fit/izen

          Did you….try to greentext?

          “It’s a far, far cry from “consuming your life.” It would be consuming their lives if they did NOTHING else but watch and talk about the show.”

          this is a joke, right? youre doing a parody post, yes?
          Watch ponies, read ponies, wear ponies, write ponies, go to pony cons, listen to and make pony music, fan animation, play ponies, build entirely unrelated sites with pony so you can pony while you do normal things, donate for ponies, change life for ponies, work out FOR ponies.

          how many hundreds (maybe thousands) of videos are there on youtube of groups of bronies singing songs they dont even know the lyrics loudly in public seemingly for no other reason than to show everyone how brony they are? normal people dont do that, no healthy human thinks “thats a good idea, we should do that” because you look like a bunch of mentally ill morons.

          Its ridiculous, its a decent tv show with some OKAY (at best) morals, but everybody goes freaking jehova’s witness with it, treats it like a creepy (and intrusive) religion.

  • Supertide

    I’m so sick and tired of this obsessive fandom.
    What happens if the show gets cancelled huh? All these people stop functioning because they base everything they do on freaking cartoon ponies? It’s sad if this show is the only thing that motivates you to do something, seek help.

    • Concerned /fit/izen

      This guy gets it