Very entertaiing 7 minutes spoof of an investigative report on Bronies.  Dropped off by Wolfenbarg in the news mailbox.  Check it out, two words though guys, sound equalization, you may have to bounce the volume back and forth, but still worth it :)

I will my typical Steven Colbert stance and scream “Nooo” for no DerpyHooves love, but I love being the Colbert.  Bonus points for the few outtakes at the end (and muffin points for sticking Derpy graphic at the very end).

  • fufriendsunited

    Thanks guys! It's great to finally have our work featured on something other than crew members' facebook pages. We put a lot of work into this, and hope the community really enjoys it.

    Thanks for the note on the sound. I did all of the editing using my headphones. I really should have run through it on my speakers before I put it up, or I'd have caught that.

    Derpy was originally going to be one of the ponies the two disagreed about, but I feel like she thrives best in the background. Anyway, thanks again.