Well the Brony Thank You Ad that was produced by Coder Brony and company has been dropped on YouTube this morning. Included in this article is information on their CalArts Calendar, proceeds go towards the Brony Fund’s CalArts Derpy Hooves Scholarship, that’ll send at least one lucky individual to the art school known to have produced cartoonists and others in the industry, including people like Lauren Faust herself. Information after the page break.

With 2013 soon upon us, we want to make sure that everypony has an awesome calendar to jot down all their meetups and convention travel dates. So we’re putting our awesome 2013 calendar up for sale today, with all proceeds benefitting the CalArts Derpy Hooves Scholarship drive.

These calendars will be printed on high quality offset stock, and feature twelve 8½ x11″ full color prints, most of them done exclusively for the Fund by some of the most popular artists in the fandom, including John Jeseco, Fetchbeer, eqophiliac, Pixelkitties, Toxic Mario, Tsitra360 and more! Use it as a calendar, and when you’re done, you have twelve incredible art prints you can hang or share.

In addition to the seasonally appropriate art, the calendar also includes all the important Brony dates to remember, including conventions, VA and staff birthdays, and the Equestrian holidays.

We’re going to ship them out in early December, first to order is first to ship! So especially if you want them as gifts for the holidays, order soon! At $15 (plus postage), they’re a steal, and we expect a lot of visits to the post office.

You can see most of the art (complications due to Sandy and EQLA have delayed a few of the pieces) and place your order at:


  • Awesome! It turned out great!

  • Applepie


    Raise your glasses!

  • Until I have a chance to watch it, then get a second opinion on it from someone that won’t be automatically in favor of it, I will continue screaming “The end is neigh!”

  • Ryan C

    That was it?

  • SurfPenguin

    My opinion of the commercial: Nice, simple, and above all HONEST. Once again bronies demonstrate that unlike a lot of other fandoms, we’re willing to put our money where our mouths are.

  • Oh good. That’s not creepy at all.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never seen a kneejerk reaction as bad as anything related to this thing. I never supported it myself because I think it’s unnecessary, but some people genuinely thought that this was gonna be the end-all for anyone that’s a fan of the show.

    Everyone was crying about how it was going to be awful and shit, and yet the end result is something that would not be out of place anywhere else that allowed self-funded, 30 second ads.

    Seriously, some people in the fandom really over-think things.

  • I think the advert is a nice gesture and I like that it is cutting edge in that no other fandom has ever done this before. The charity aspect is just the cherry on the cupcake.