Brony Thank You Fund Releases Charity Guide

Coder has done some interesting research on US law as it relates to charity donations at conventions.

As the fandom grows, more and more money is being put toward charitable causes, which is awesome. However, charitable solicitation is heavily regulated in the US, and it’s very easy to end up breaking the law without even knowing it. At the Brony Thank You Fund, we see our mission as not only involving fundraising for our causes, but also educating the fandom about charities of all kind. In an effort to help conventions and groups of bronies interested in fundraising for charities, we have released a basic guide to the ins and outs of organizing charity events, concentrating on the legal problems that can arise from a failure to understand the laws.

As always, consult a lawyer or tax professional for details and clarifications regarding the laws in your state.

The guide can be found at:

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