This is from BronyComm, the aussies who are slowly doing commentary to the videos.  Also fun to see they quoted one line from my news when they originally hit the scene.

“They have accents of some kind.” –”

Haha, I made a comment on their page more or less saying “aussie, that’s what those accents are.” and they replied with .

To be fair it’s a very mangled Australian accent, probably with hints of American and English mixed in there. I like to call it Englerian, because the butchering of the English language hasn’t gone far enough. “

Fair enough guys, I get mistaken for being Canadian, even by people in my own state.

Also, if you didn’t catch the news on EqD, they now have episodes 5 & 6 posted, embedded for your viewing pleasure below.

And last, a message from them about what might go on after the season ends, and they finish commenting on all the episodes.

  • bronycomms

    This is quite possibly the greatest thing to ever happen to us. Ever. Seriously, thank you so much for supporting us this greatly.

    Only thing is the parts are in reverse order, so you've got it as "Gilda Ep Part 2" followed by "Gilda Ep Part 1" and so on. Just thought I'd point it out.