BronyCon Announces Lee Tockar

It has been a long wait, so BronyCon is pleased to make the next of many major guest announcements and tell you that voice actor Lee Tockar will be appearing at BronyCon 2013, which will be Aug. 2-4, in Baltimore.

Tockar is widely known among bronies for his work on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as the voice behind the fan-named sea serpent Steven Magnet and Snips. He also does additional voices for the show as needed. Tockar has also lent his talent in the Japanese anime scene for series such as Death Note and Mobile Suit Gundam Seed.

In addition to being a voice actor, Tockar is also the founder of Fanbuilt. Fanbuilt serves as the world’s first virtual animation studio, allowing animators, writers, musicians, artists, composers and designers to collaborate on projects through its online forum and incentivize the creativity with competitions that have a cash reward.

For more information on Tockar’s attendance at BronyCon 2013, please visit the guest page. Stay tuned and follow BronyCon’s Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr to get live updates for other guests of honor who will be appearing at the 2013 show as BronyCon will roll out many more announcements soon!

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