BronyCon in High Quality – Part 1

Twilights enlightenment by Kiyoshiii

Twilights enlightenment by Kiyoshiii

If you’re like me, a sucker for good quality and especially HD, then you can now enjoy fresh, high-quality versions of the recordings from BronyCon, some of which have not even been livestreamed and have premiered only now. Most of them were released by EverFree Radio over the past day or days, but there are more from other outlets as well.

We start out with something silly.

It’s the hottest topic at BronyCon, and we’ve got the coverage you all crave. There’s a fiery debate about who actually caused it, but EFR had the hot spot for recording the Great BronyCon Fire of 2012. Yep, we’re starting off the conflagration of memories with the most infamous event at BronyCon.

Joe Stevens and TechRat, the two eloquent reporters for EQI, the Equestria Inquirer, also interviewed John de Lancie and Laurent Malaquais.

We have more from Equestria Inquirer’s thorough coverage of Bronycon! Joe Stevens and TechRat recorded an interview with John de Lancie and Laurent Malaquais (the director of the BronyCon documentary). Like much more material to come, this was never streamed and is brand new!

Probably on Saturday at around 10 p.m. ET, MyLittleDashie, Purple Tinker, and PonyToast interviewed John de Lancie for around 40 minutes. Unfortunately, the audio recording got derped, so they only had the track from the camera to work with. The video can be found here, and a slightly cleaned-up audio version here.

We are delighted to present the audio release of the interview with John de Lancie conducted by My Little Dashie and Purple Tinker with assistance from PonyToast, as originally broadcast on Celestia Radio! Unfortunately, Discord was wreaking havoc with the audio that night, so we had to release a cleaned up audio rip from a camera. (If you happened to be recording the livestream as it occurred and have a cleaner audio file, please tweet at @prpltnkr!)

Next up is another interview by TechRat and Joe Stevens, this time with Andrea Libman!

Next up in Equestria Inquirer’s long line of BronyCon interviews we have Andrea Libman, the voice of everyone’s favorite party pony and of everyone’s favorite shy caretaker. Joe Stevens and TechRat are once again on the case, bringing you another recording not seen before!

And just in: The Lauren Faust panel, the John de Lancie panel, and the first voice actor panel, courtesy EverFree Radio and Fjord Studios.

[To be continued either in this post or a new one.]

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