Bronycon Autograph Twilight by Lumorn

Bronycon Autograph Twilight by Lumorn

Welcome to the second part of our BronyCon compilation. For the first part, please check this post.

The industrious interviewers Cereal and PK of Equestria Daily have scored an interview with Tara Strong.

Check below the break to see the video, containing 46 minutes of Tara at her Queen of the Bronies best, talking about her Bronycon experiences, her work, and her life. You will laugh and unless your heart is made of stone, you will also cry. So go on, click that page break. This is something you don’t want to miss!

Bronypalooza must’ve been pretty rad from what I’ve heard. EverFree Radio has a recording. Of the following segments:

Acoustic musicians – Beatle Bronies, Cyril the Wolf, Tarby, Naught Note, Neighslayer, Aviators & Forest Rain.
Sing-Along Break – Intermission featuring sing-along with the crowd lead by Bree.
Laser Show – Three different laser animations set to music by LaserPon3.
Electronic musicians – The Living Tombstone, Art Attack, Alex S., CircuitFry, Supersaw Hoover, Omnipony, d.notive, Mic the Microphone, OdysseyEurobeat & Silva Hound.

And because Bree is majorly awesome, you also want to help her afford her rent and tuition! There is even a video!

The Equestria Inquirer has of course also interviewed Lee Tockar.

 Next we have Lee Tockar, the FABULOUS voice of the Sea Serpent, Steven Magnet, and of everyone’s favorite little pudgy pony, Snips!

Equestria Daily also got sent a video of a private Q & A session with Tara Strong, Lauren Faust, and after afew minutes also John de Lancie, which seems to be focused on the documentary, but since the audience was allowed to ask questions, it sometimes veered off-topic, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

According to comments, this is the private session for those who pledged $500+ on the Kickstarter page: “… you get admission for one to an exclusive one-hour Q&A followed by a private signing with TARA STRONG, LAUREN FAUST and JOHN DE LANCIE to be held at BronyCon on SATURDAY, June 30th.”

Finally, a laser show. This is the same one Laserpon3 displayed on BronyCon, but a re-recorded version, courtesy Seth.

Laser art isn’t too common, so when someone masters it like Laserpon3, its one of a kind! This was actually his show from Bronycon, but I bugged him to re-record it and toss it on Youtube so we could get the maximum quality out of it.

[To be continued…]