The Haunted Canterlot
by ~Vashar23

I haven’t done too much digging about Bronycon (nor did I watch the event), but there have been several stories that have crossed my path. Back in the Bronycon post we already had two, first a fine neutral article from the Associated Press and then a little blurp from the about the “fire” that broke out, it mostly pointed out that fire alarms can be common at conventions, so at times convention goers are not too thrilled to be evacuated because its just a joke, but everyone marched out and back in with little trouble. The fire was nothing more than a light fixture that shorted and burned out, I do believe there was flames involved. Now, Melody Wilson has gifted us with two further thoughtful articles. Why Do These Grown Men Love “My Little Pony” came out with a small article about the event, and includes some familiar faces from the fandom. Like any article it dives into the question as to why a bunch of adult males are watching a cartoon oriented for little girls. Within the article you’ll see a quote from Joanna Blackhart aka Dashie of the My Little Dashie Show, and ends with a few quotes from resident community member Purple Tinker.

Bitch Media: Brony Love: Lauren Faust, Live From Bronycon

And then Bitch Media had a one on one with Lauren Faust at Bronycon. They also asked the question as to why a bunch of guys watch this show, but of course talk to Lauren Faust about feminism in general. If you new, Faust can be described by some as “pro-feminist” but I think like many of us, she just walks the path that there shouldn’t be any walls between genders. Even I feel sorry with some of the “girl” oriented shows that are produced just for them, no offense Strawberry Shortcake but pre-teen and early teen girls probably want a little more to their stories. But its a pretty positive article and Faust makes some great quotes.

“I wanted a respectable show for girls,” Faust explains. “Saying something is ‘for girls’ or ‘girly’ is usually equated with being not worthwhile, being stupid.” She wanted to change that, but she never expected she’d be so successful.

“I never dreamed adult men would be into the show,” she tells the crowd, “because I didn’t have any faith that you’d give it a try. Now I know better. It gives me the courage to continue.”

The crowd is on its feet again. This time they chant, “You were right! You were right!” Once again, Faust covers her face—this time to wipe away tears.

– Faust & Bitch Media