I’m sure we’ll have full coverage and videos later on of Jayson Thiessen at BroNYcon, but currently I have some data from Zebranky who was posting information up over on the irchighway channel.  Here’s a little preview of what was said.
– Jayson was asked if Equestria was a planet or country.  He said that they’ve referred to the planet as earth before, so there may be a border.
– When asked if there was going to be more Derpy, he said yes, and there may even be a specific Derpy bit.
– There will be more two part episodes.
– There is an episode that will be coming out that gets kind of scary.  (Apparently people in the crowd started to shout Cupcakes…).
– Was asked about Sea Ponies, Jayson said its been mentioned but…. (so no sea ponies, sho be do).
– Was asked about pony parents.  Jayson said we may see some more.
– Someone asked where ponies get their glue.  Jayson’s reply: “What kind of question is that? That’s terrible! They get it from the store like everyone else!”
– Soundtrack release has pretty much always been in the plans for release.
– Was asked if he has been contracted for a third season, said if he answered it, he’d get fired.
– Crowd asked him to sing the CMC song, reply:  “I could go home right now if you like. I’m the director, not a performer.”
– Asked if he ever considered including OCs from the fandom in the show;  Reply:  “No, we don’t want to do that. It gets too much into fan service. I mean, you guys fell in love with the show we’re making, right? So why don’t we just keep making that show?”
– And Jayson let “slip” there will be a new villain.
– Basically confirmed that the ending today was indeed based on Star Wars.  (They should have had Spike do a Chewbaca growl).
More to come later.
Sup guys, plaster here hijacking this bad boy. 
A manly man named Headless Horse on the MLPonies (Ponygoons? I have no clue. First time I’ve been there.) Brought down a write up of what happened with the Jaysen Thiessen Q&A. Click these blue words to get to the full post. 
Some of the more important bits I’ll try to summarize as best I can. 
  • Hasbro mostly leaves the show alone, the merchandise and the show are two completely different entities. (This isn’t a surprise to anyone, is it?)
  • They do change a couple things though, at first in Applebucking season, AJ was supposed to be harvesting apples with her head. Ouch.
  • Why the hell not? Seems to be the general explanation and reasoning for a lot of things that happen in the show.
  • People were shooting down the people who were asking to add OC ponies and cheering when JT said no to them. 
  • There’s a little bit about how JT (that’s totally how im referring to him as, deal with it.) realized how we can get into this so much and went on to explain how he gets choked up a little bit with some sequences and animation. 
  • He is totally NOT going to cater to us, he wants to keep the show where it’s at because that’s the show we all fell in love with.
  • JT is very proud of the work his team is doing and he won’t let anyone get sloppy or lazy. He wants whatever product his name is on to be the best he can make it be. 
  • Flash is only a tool, in the end it’s still an animation. 

And now for my favorite part:

“So as to who they’re performing for, it’s not us, it’s not 6-year-old kids, it’s themselves. They’re just doing what they think makes the show as great as they can, to entertain each other as best they know how. In other words, the creative team on this show really is just having that much fun making it. Best thing I could ever have heard. ”

 I think I may need a minute here, these aren’t tears…why won’t they stop?

  • pixelkitties

    Hooray! Thank you so much for the updates! I wish I could be there!

  • derpymaths

    yeah the ending actually left me humming the star wars theme

  • Anonymous

    >people in the crowd started to shout Cupcakes
    >including OCs from the fandom in the show

    Goodness, people are idiots.

  • Bloomberg

    Fantastic! I really appreciate they're only making subtle nods to the fandom instead of "fan service." More villains and two-parters and scary episodes sound amazing!

    great update, thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Oh god, so fucking embarassing to be Jayson and then asked to do shit like singing the CMC theme or listening to fat neckbeards shouting cupcakes.

  • Spazz

    I actually agree with Anon for once.

    I can see grunt work staff getting silly and dancing for you, but the director? C'mon, guys.

  • Lethallin

    >Asked if he ever considered including OCs from the fandom in the show




  • Anonymous

    >He is totally NOT going to cater to us

    Thank god!

  • Anonymous

    Damn this guy is cool. I'm really glad someone like him is directing this show, laid back but still motivating his team to do their best.