Over this past weekend was the first BroNYcon held in NYC and organized by Purple Tinker.  It seems to have been a smash, and we should have our own coverage via Strawberry Spice, as I told him to snatch up some news while he was there.  But it seems there has been some breaking news, as a second BroNYcon will be held in September, and now has a very special guest,  Jayson Thiessen, director of MLP:FiM.

So if you’ve been wanting to check out a brony meetup, this is one to seriously be looking at.

  • Purple Tinker

    Actually, this was just a regular monthly meetup! :) Even those pull in dozens of bronies. The first full-sized BroNYCon had around 100 guests and was held in June. :)

    September will be our next full-sized event.

  • Plaster

    once a month? holy moses!