Picnic by *Zap-Apple

It seems the Bronycon: The Documentary has become the second most funded project in the category “Film & Video” in Kickstarter’s History. The Kickstarter page itself ended its run several days ago and obviously made the goal of $60,000 with a little bit of pocket change. The grand total (this includes Kickstarter & the Paypal Donation Box) is $348,164 dollars, so I best see the most intense star wipes known to man. It is pointed out in this article by Brendon Connelly of the Bleeding Cool site in which its stated that the project has gained the trophy of being #2 All Time funded project on Kickstarter. [Which appears to have been subsequently corrected after the error was pointed out in the comments. See below.]

There has also been some confusion from what I”ve seen when people read about this documentary by secondary sources. I think many are not catching the fact that this project is being put on more or less by outsiders to this community, and ‘big’ named people being behind the project like John de Lancie and Lauren Faust. Recently I watched a video about that was roughly about the two worse documentary projects on Kickstarter, the first being about a documentary that is going to talk about the female figure in video games, the other was Bronycon: The Doc. So keep in mind this isn’t what some dub as “ego stroking” with the idea that this documentary is being made by “bronies” for “bronies”, but in fact is something being made semi-outsiders. Its definitely positive to have Lauren Faust working on this in some capacity considering this is more or less her world, crafted and imagined by many but in general building blocks straight from her brain.

[Source: Zedmastermind]

Correction: It’s the second most funded project in the category “Film & Video,” not generally.

  • plaster

    I think the most funded is the Wastelander 2 project at over 2 million.

    • Wlah

      Nope, most funded was Double Fine Adventure at like 3.4 million $

  • nelson

    As Bronies we do indeed get a bit annoying, it’s true. But the video linked here does outline a misconception that the community is just about a love for a TV show. What I want the documentary to do is underscore the community as it truly is, and perhaps gain us a little respect from those who think we just sit around and self-congratulate ourselves for having an uncommon interest.

    The Brony community is so distributed, and the great content and fan made media is buried so much that the average person doing research on the subject will see nothing more than a bunch of people getting overly obsessed about something silly.

    That isn’t who we are, and we need something to show that. Especially to those who are against the Documentary – Bronies or not – because they think it’s just an hour long justification of liking a TV show.

  • alldogship

    Congrats for the documentary.

    For the second paragraph, the guy should really listen to the interview by Celestia Radio with 2 of the makers of the documentary. I was skeptical at first but the interview changed my mind.

  • Hoppip

    I still think the only people who will actually watch the whole thing are other bronies.

    • Con Mane

      That remains to be seen.

    • Anonymous


      Get a load of this faggot /co/cksucker

  • 8ftmetalhead / NZbrony

    don’t underestimate the devotion of trekkies.