The H Filesby *Toonlancer

The H Files
by *Toonlancer

Been awhile since we’ve posted about Bronycon: The Documentary, now known as Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony.  New information about the documentary was released today via Equestria Daily.

In general the documentary now has a confirmed digital release date on January 12th 2013. It was also confirmed that the documentary will be available in Blu-ray format, expected to be ready for February. The crew is currently working on public distribution plans and are hoping to have the documentary available on such digital distribution networks like Netflix, iTunes and other various outlets.

Currently it will be distributed on Amazon and Scrnland. It also appears that Tara Strong recorded an original song for the credits, and as of today “backers” who donated $100 or more got a chance to see the preview trailer, which in turn was instantly leaked onto the internet.

Also seems pre-orders are now available for the documentary, found here on Scrnland’s website for $12.99 and comes in a choice of 3 DRM-free formats (1080/720/400 MP4).

The trailer itself will be available to the general public in several days.

  • I hope the doc goes viral and most everyone that can get to see it will. Looks like it’s shaping up to be great.