BronyCon’s BronyPalooza

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BronyCon just sent out a press release for BronyPalooza.  Check it out below:

Bringing in musicians from all over the world and spanning as many genres of music as possible, BronyCon 2013 is excited to announce BronyPalooza—the largest brony concert on this planet.

For BronyCon 2013’s event in Baltimore, BronyPalooza is already looking to raise the bar from the previous year with a lineup of some of the fandom’s most praised musicians including Poni1Kenobi, LaserPon3, Living Tombstone, Mic the Microphone, Rainbow & Rooted (formerly Balloon Party), Tarby, EHT, Cyril, ArtAttack, Speedcore Dave, Baschfire, Foozogz, Michael A, Silva Hound and HeyLasFas.

With our wide range of musicians, BronyPalooza is featuring a lineup of hard rock, rap, electronic music, orchestral arrangements and more from the talent within the brony fan base. There will also be an all-new laser show that you won’t want to miss.

But the list doesn’t stop there! We will be announcing more musicians for BronyPalooza as it gets closer to the event date. Don’t miss out on another announcement and check out our website where all musicians will be listed first

Attendance to BronyPalooza is only possible with your admission to BronyCon 2013. The concert will be held as a main event during the convention Aug. 2-4, 2013, at the Baltimore Convention Center. The days that BronyPalooza will take place during the convention have yet to be determined.

To perform at BronyPalooza: BronyCon 2013 is still looking for more talent to be a part of BronyPalooza. If you are a musician interested in performing, an online application is available at All genres of music are welcome and encouraged.

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