BronyDays Announcing M.A. Larson and JanAnimations

Will you be in Paris, France, on October 26 and 27? If not, better make arrangements now to teleport there because M.A. Larson and JanAnimations will be.

You should also support their Indiegogo campaign, and maybe they’ll be able to fly in even more M.A. Larsons!

The BronyDays staff is thrilled to announce that M.A. Larson and JanAnimation will attend the convention in Paris, October 2013!

M.A. Larson is the writer who brought us amazing episodes such as Sonic Rainboom, Return of Harmony, Luna Eclipsed, Magic Duel and Magical Mystery Cure, and is overall “one of the biggest driving forces toward a unified narrative in the show”.

JanAnimation is a very talented artist, well-known for having animated the songs “Picture Perfect Pony”, and “Meet the Bronies” for the brony documentary.We are currently running an Indiegogo campaign which has permitted us to invite these amazing guests, and we will be able to invite even more provided that we get enough fund, so contributing would help us welcome guests of honour from all europe and beyond! Not to mention that you can get some cool rewards by donating, including a lunch with all the guests!

More info about the BronyDays here!

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