BronyDoc – The Trailer

ScrewBall by ~crhonox

Seems earlier this evening Bronycon: The Documentary (renamed Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony) released their film trailer to the general public. The trailer had been released several days ago to their financial backers who donated towards the film as an exclusive for their money.

An incident occurred several days ago with the release of the trailer to the backers, namely that one backer did in fact post the video onto his YouTube account. Apparently the video and the e-mail sent out to the backers did not contain any warning against distributing the DRM free video, as this early release was meant to be a bonus to those who donated. BronyDoc LLC filed a DMCA report against the YouTube channel, along with Michael Brockhoff threatening the user with legal action if the video was not removed. Despite the lack of warnigns, this is of course within their rights, even though the trailer was going to be made available for free. He declared this person to be very “un-brony” like, unaware of the fact there is more than just “bronies” within the community.

Reviews from people who watched the leaked trailer ranged from praise to horror. We leave it up to you, the people, to judge for yourself.

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  • I donated to the documentary fund and I got my early preview. I am not concerned that someone also posted it on Youtube without permission. I am not so high and mighty as to dote on privileges. I donated to help John De Lancie realize his project. Everything else is just gravy.