BronyState: Brony Movie Night (8/16/2013)

It’s BronyState’s Brony Movie Night tonight at 7:00 PM EDT. Check the newsletter image above and text below for more details!

The summer might be coming to a close but the fun doesn’t stop here at Bronystate! Tonight’s feature presentations are Angels and Demons and Donnie Darko. Is that not enough for you? Well we’ve also got two pony episodes, The Last Roundup and Wonderbolts Academy in the lineup. Brony Movie Night starts at 7PM EDT so come on out! Can’t make it for some reason? Don’t fret, Bronystate’s got you covered. Tune in Saturday at 2PM EDT to catch the encore showing. Lottery will occur during the Friday intermission.

In addition to Movie Night, Babble with Bronies will be holding an open mic discussion on Sunday at 4PM EDT. Come talk about whatever you want. If it’s pony related, it’s fair game!

The Summer Trilogy Event continues this week with the cult classic Evil Dead and Mad Max trilogies. One movie from the trilogies will be shown each day, Monday-Wednesday, August 19-21 at 7PM EDT so don’t miss out. The event ends soon!


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