BronyState: Brony Movie Night (8/2/2013)

It’s BronyState’s Brony Movie Night tonight at 7:00 PM EDT. Check the newsletter image above and text below for more details.


It’s Friday night once again and that means it’s Brony Movie Night tonight! Tonight’s featured movies are Iron Man and Mouse Hunt. We’ll also be streaming the two pony episodes Applebuck Season and The Cutie Mark Chronicles. The fun starts at 7:00 PM EDT. Can’t make it tonight? Check out the restream at 2:00 PM EDT on Saturday! Lottery happens tonight this week.

As always, this weekend’s lineup also includes Babble with Bronies on Sunday at 4:00 PM EDT. This episode’s topics include the fandom created lives of background ponies!

If you’re at BronyCon this weekend, be sure to check out our panel with Silly Filly Studios and Scoot-Scootaloo! If you’re not at BronyCon, don’t worry as the entire panel will be uploaded on YouTube.

Stay Tuned!

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