BronyState – Brony Movie Night (9/13/2013)

BronyState is having their weekly Brony Movie Night and other fun weekend events! Check the info below!

Howdy DHN! Here this weekend on BronyState we’re doing some pretty fun things. Brony Movie Night commences at 7 PM EDT tomorrow evening, September 13, 2013. Then, the day after, we have Euro Brony Movie Night for all of our European and International friends that missed our good times the night before, starting at 2 PM EDT.

On Sunday, Babble With Bronies returns with a special interview with Dr. Patrick Edwards of the Brony Study at 4:00 PM EDT. On Thursday, Everlasting_Joy of BronyState and Babble With Bronies will be co-hosting a game night with Los Pegasus Tribune, starting 9:00 PM EDT. There will be plenty of gaming, and plenty of moments to talk about so come on and stop by!
Also, special notice for all you guys and gals in the Northern California region, Sac Brony Expo will be held at Sacramento State University this Sunday, September 14th. Anyone going is sure to have fun, so get yourselves out there and have a good time!
We hope to see you all right here, on BronyState!

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