Bronystate Movie Night 9/27/13

Hello all you ponyfolk! After a week of school and Grand Theft Auto, why not wind down and watch some movies with us? This Friday at 7pm EST (and an encore on Saturday at 2pm EST), we will be showing The Sword in the Stone and everyone’s favorite movie, The Cat in the Hat! There will be some pony on the side, even Japanese ponies, so stay tuned!

And on Sunday, we will be having a double whammy of specials for you! Starting at 4pm EST, Babble with Bronies will be interviewing David Delanty, otherwise known as “vest”. If you’re into drawing, or just want to get to know him, come on over!

And later that day at 6pm EST, Saturn, THE Con Chairman of BUCK, will be spinning records for us in his brand new show, Radio Saturn! Want to hear a song? You can request it over at #Vinyl_Scratch. It will be hot!

Come on and slam with us this weekend! We hope to see you there!

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