Bronyville Episode 037 – Friendship is Epic Cupcakes

Horrible Leaders - By: menageries

Ok, so. I know you guys aren’t used to seeing us plug Bronyville here. But it was another episode that I co-hosted. (I think its my second co-hosting and 4th time on.) Also there were some great guests who go by the names “MandoPony” and “Rob”. Ok so one sounds familiar but they were both there for a reason . To talk about Epic Cupcake and Rob’s latest Epic Pie time.  They are also all around great people to talk ponies with.

Have some official Copy and Paste from the website and oh!Have a link to where you can find the actual episode!


Dear Princess Celestia,
This week our friend Plaster filled in while Apple Cider is off on a wild adventure in the magical land of Califoalia. We talked to Rob and Mandopony about their project Epic Cupcake Time, Epic Pie Time, and a little about BroNYCon. We discuss the latest episode and, uh, you may want to look into these Cake folks, they have some exceptional children.

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

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