It went something like this.

Dear Princess Celestia

We sure are a passionate bunch, aren’t we? I mean sometimes we get our jimmies rustled. And sometimes it’s for legitimate reasons. Other times it’s surprising how fast a spike turns into a roaring fire and then goes out just as fast. This week we brought in so many friends! Pixelkitties, Bob, Xyro, Spazz, and Foalpapers all join us to talk much about the Equestria Girls trailer and the resulting backlash. Add to this other news, fic, and cool things and you have a jam packed show. Enjoy!


Apple Cider

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

  • Ben

    I disagree.
    First, everyone wanted a movie about MLP, about the interesting setting and characters instead we got a pastel version of Bratz cause Hasbro wanted to focus on another demographic. It’s like the uproar when 2K Marin’s XCOM trailer was first revealed. Second, say what you will about the talent of the team but can you honestly say that the setting and characters are half as interesting? Half of the appeal of the original was that the Mane Six were independent and a few were entrepreneurs the new setting is a huge step back in almost every concieiable area. Third, the concern over LOGO was that debuting the doc on a GBLT oriented channel would be sending the wrong message about the fandom.

    • AC!

      Fair points on all accounts. I far and away would have wanted a movie set in the usual universe and just have it be more grand with a great adventure. And yes, I consider EQG a direct attempt to get into the Monster High demographic. Setting? Maybe not as interesting on paper but who knows at this point. There’s been plenty of shows which took place in schools like PPG and My Life as a Teenage Robot which was good even with their predictable setting. And as for perception because of LOGO – okay sure. But then all the other WHAT?! series would be held to that same standard. Ultimately it’s going to be like the big stink that happened for the Brony Thank You commercial – a lot of gas but no real impact outside the fandom. I mean it’s LOGO for christ sakes. Nobody gets that channel.

      Anyway, thanks for listening!

  • Bloop

    Anyone getting their jimmies rustled over a cartoon needs to deeply examine their life or go on medication. And I say this as someone who adores the show enough to own a few custom commissioned plushies.

    Hasbro can do WTF they want with their property. All I see on message boards are high school and college bronies complaining about being poor, or justifying why they pirated the deLancie documentary. Color me not surprised Hasbro is seeking different demographics.