Well I had been asked to help advertise this, but there wasn’t much left to do after EqD rolled out their banners and fanfair.  The guys from Bronyville will be hosting a marathon of Season 1 episodes, starting at 3pm EST / 12pm PDT.  They have lined up guests, including a few of the production staff from Studio B.  It also seems they will be given the posting helm over at EqD, so it should be interesting to watch.  Details found below.

As for us here at DH, we’re going to go watch it with Pinkie and Rainbow Dash in our party van.

Hey guys! It’s Apple Cider from the Bronyville Podcast. We’ve worked with the EQD crew to host a superty-dupery excelent fun show on Saturday, September 10th and you are all invited! How cool is that?Well duh, I’ll tell you. First off – the show is 13 hours long! We will watch every single episode of MLP:FiM from 1 to 26 from 12 PM to 1 AM PDT. You can finds it easily by going to these rooms: 

Watch live streaming video from bronyville at livestream.com


All information after the break! 

We’ve got awesome guests including

Past and Present Studio B Production Staff SibsyDennis Hu, and more!

Equestria Daily’s own Sethisto, Cereal Velocity, and Phoe

Professional Voice Actor Josh Grelle (Rainbrony)

Eurobeat Brony

BronyCON queen bee Purple Tinker

The Brony Show crew

The Diamond Dogs Podcast crew

Friendship is Magic, Part 1: Runtime – 22:02
Friendship is Magic, Part 2:  Runtime – 22:02
Ticket Master: Runtime – 22:03
Applebuck Season: Runtime – 21:59
Midnight Shadow & Pre-Readers
Gryphon the Brush-Off:  Runtime – 22:02
Boast Busters:  Runtime – 22:02
Dragonshy:  Runtime – 22:02
Look Before You Sleep:  Runtime – 22:02
Diamond Dogs Podcast
Bridle Gossip:  Runtime – 22:02
Swarm of the Century:  Runtime – 22:01
Dennis Hu
Winter Wrap-Up:  Runtime – 22:01
Call of the Cutie:  Runtime – 22:01
Fall Weather Friends:  Runtime – 22:03
Suited for Success:  Runtime – 22:01
Sibsy & production member
Feeling Pinkie Keen:  Runtime – 22:01
Sonic Rainboom:  Runtime – 22:01
Equestria Daily Staff
Stare Master:  Runtime – 22:00
The Show Stoppers:  Runtime – 22:01
Brony Show Online Web Show Place
Fashion pony is best pony hour
Dog and Pony Show:  Runtime –  22:01
Green Isn’t Your Color:  Runtime – 22:01
Purple Tinker
Over a Barrel:  Runtime – 22:00
Bird in the Hoof:  Runtime – 22:01
Rainbrony (Voice Actor Josh Grelle)
Cutie Mark Chronicles:  Runtime – 22:01
Owls Well That Ends Well:  Runtime – 22:00
Party of One:  Runtime – 22:00
The Best Night Ever:  Runtime – 22:01
Midnight Shadow – that cad!

Prises! Yep, we’ve pulled out all the stops and are offering well over $300 of MLP and cool swag for you guys. All you got to do is drop us a donation at www.bronyshow.com and you are automatically entered with each dollar you donate. During the show we’ll draw a name and our guest will answer a trivia question. If they get it right you win!

Prizes include:
  1. Luna Sketchbook
  2. Custom Painted Sketchbook
  3. Pinkie Pie and Sweetie Belle’s Sweets Boutique Figurines
  4. Fluttershy’s Nursery Tree Figurine
  5. Pinkie Pie Brushable Figurine with Pet
  6. Fluttershy Brushable with Pet
  7. Applejack Brushable with Pet
  8. Cheerilee Brushable with Pet
  9. Twilight Sparkle Brushable with Pet
  10. Poseable Shine Bright Rarity
  11. Rarity Brushable with Pet
  12. Pinkie Pie Brushable with Pet
  13. Applejack Brushable with Pet
  14. Special Edition: Canterlot Princess Celestia and Princess Luna Figurine Set
  15. Special Edition Canterlot Poseable Shine Bright Pinkie Pie
  16. Twilight Sparkle Brushable with Pet
  17. Special Edition Canterlot Poseable Shine Bright Fluttershy
  18. Friendship Is Magic Set of 5 Collectible Gift Set
  19. 5 Bottlecap Keychains
  20. There is no 20
  21. 5 WeLoveFine $25 T-Shirt Vouchers
  22. 2 Copies of Borderland Game of the Year Edition – Steam
  23. 1 Copy of Terraria – Steam
  24. 1 Copy of Magicka – Steam
  25. Guest Spot on Bronyville for One Episode – Not on Steam
  26. Applejack CM Pin
  27. Rarity CM Pin
  28. Princess Celestia CM Pin
  29. Doctor Whoof CM Pin
  30. Parapsrite Pin
  31. Cheerilee CM Pin
  32. Shadowbolt Insignia Pin
  33. Luna Raising Moon Patch
  34. 2x Cutie Mark Crusader Patch
  35. Rainbow Dash Patch
  36. Derpy Hooves Patch
  37. Luna Patch
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