Even if this was meant to insult me, I found it to be HILARIOUS. Seriously though, if I see anybody hanging out like this in the pony aisle i’m gonna turn 360 degrees and walk away.

  • Frith

    I believe that after turning 360° you will in fact be still headed in the initial direction, not actually walking away.

  • derpymaths

    ^ plaster dont let this guy's fancy mathematics muddy the situation. i'd go straight for the ponies, too.

  • Present Perfect

    You're my favorite deputy!

    Authentic! :D

    …I need to work this into a fic somehow.

  • Anonymous

    I'm with Firth, it's 180 degrees, not 360. 360 is one full revolution, hence the name XBOX 360. No offense mind you, just giving an example.

  • DerpySquad

    Heh, this appeared a few days ago on /co/ with obvious mixed results. I found it funny, and if you take serious offense, well, might start rethinking things.

    But you could easily replace MLP with Sonic the Hedgehog figures, and its the same message. All fandoms got some creepers and hardcore nerds.

  • Strawberry Spice

    Well, now I want to make a custom pinkie pie that says "You're my favorite Deputy."

  • Silvermink

    G3 Applejack? That's clearly a G4 Applejack! Sheesh, did not do the research.

  • DeViL CoNvOy

    I chuckled a bit. But yeah you could throw in some Transformers figures and the vid would still make sense. Every fandom has its nut jobz, true story.

  • Taco Bandit

    hahahaha I laughed even though I think I should be offend. Poor girl…that Applejack was truly terrible. If I'm gonna geek out I need a good Applejack with a brown hat…Hasbro? Make it happen!

  • Anonymous

    Spazkid is the creator of this the art is done by one of my favorite artist on newgrounds TheShadling. Everything By Everyone!

  • Anonymous

    i find it HILARIOUS that the parasprites in that videos comments think that bronies stating that they think its funny are "trying to derail the rage"

    tolerance and love to you too, random parasprite.