BUCK announces Meghan McCarthy and Amy Keating Rogers, Attending by Video Feed

UK convention BUCK announces two writers, attending by live video feed.  They are also apparently almost sold out of wave one tickets, with the standard tickets being completely sold out (although they’ll be selling more at a later date), and merely a few “20% Cooler” passes left in this wave.
We’re proud to bring you news that MLP: Friendship Is Magic writers Meghan McCarthy and Amy Keating Rogers will be attending our guest panel this August at BUCK!

Through the magic of the Internet Amy and Meghan will be joining us by live video feed in The Bridgewater Hall Auditorium, where they will be discussing development of the show and answering questions from the audience.

BUCK Committee members Ruth, Ben, and Chairman Andrew made this exclusive announcement on Bronyville Podcast on Saturday. The episode, which includes a great deal of information about the convention from BUCK management is available for download on the Bronyville website HERE.

Wave one of BUCK tickets has very nearly sold out, with only a small handful of 20% Cooler tickets left! So snap one of those up or sit tight for another wave in a few weeks, and you’ll be part of all this excitement that is BUCK 2013!

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