BUCK Announces Wave 2 Tickets, More Community Guests

With less than a hundred days to go, BUCK Headquarters is brimming with excitement over everything we have in store for August!


We are thrilled to announce that the second wave of BUCK tickets will be available for purchase from Monday 27th May, so be sure to check in with us on bank holiday Monday at 12:00pm (noon) and get them while they’re hot!


This new wave will include all general tickets, including the Summer Sun Celebration, Celestia Tier, 20% Cooler, the FAB After Party, and standard entry tickets.


We’ve also added another wave of community guests to this year’s line up, including:


  • Bronified
  • Underpony
  • Speedcore Dave!
  • Icky
  • Addictia
  • Blitz
  • Drawponies
  • Galaxy Art
  • Knighty
  • Yami Björk
  • Legends of Equestria


Be sure to check out our community guests page at http://www.buckcon.org/community-guests/


Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements all this week, and join us in the biggest brony party in Europe!

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