These popped up on the Arena and a couple other places after it was found on Taobao.

Each character comes in a plastic egg and is “buildable.” The manes, tails and wings (and AJ’s hat) can be pegged into them. This lets them fit easier into the pods.

They look like the sort of thing you can find in vending machines at grocery stores. The quality is pretty low, so they shouldn’t cost more than a few quarters.

  • Anonymous

    Invasion of the pod ponies!

  • Anonymous

    they look like they have down syndrome

  • Bubblegum

    I keep eying Gashapon machines every time I go to the supermarket and thinking how cool it would be to have MLP ones – nice to see they’re soon to exist!
    They’re not perfect looking but considering their size (and potential prototype nature of the photo), they’re not that bad. Pinkie Pie in particular is looking pretty cute and also; yay, Applejack’s hat (in the right colour)!

  • Jody Morgan

    The ponies look kinda wonky and Rainbow Dash’s mane is comically wrong, but they still look like fun; I’d definitely like a set.

  • Tacobob

    But…Applejack….has….a…hat…AND IT’S THE RIGHT COLOR! :D

    Beyond that…They do look a bit on the gimpy side.