Button's Adventures by JanAnimation and ShadyVox

Button’s Adventures by JanAnimation and ShadyVox

Button’s Adventures is a new fan animation series cowritten by the talented JanAnimations and ShadyVox. Button’s Adventures follows the life of background pony Button Mash, who was introduced in the MLP episode “Hearts and Hooves Day.” A trailer leading up to the premiere has shown that the series is going to be a comedy and even feature Button Mash’s parents. Knowing the fact that this fan animation is of a background character that hasn’t had any canon story prior, can we enjoy JanAnimations and ShadyVox’s take on the character? Most importantly, is their show anything to write home about? Check after the break to find out!


Button Mash Playing Video Games

Button Mash playing video games


Fair warning, this animation doesn’t have much of a linear storyline to progress through. Instead, it opts for various spotlight moments to highlight the humor of the series and show off the character Button Mash. As the video starts off, we are introduced to Button Mash, a young eight-year-old foal, who is getting ready for the first day of school. After yelling for his mother announcing that he’s ready for school, we get the first humorous scene with Button’s mother yelling back that it is Sunday and for him to go back to bed. This scene and many more make up the first episode and help to give the viewers an entry into the life of Button Mash. Overall, the entire animation hits all comedic highs while never reaching a dull moment throughout the video. As far as painting a convincing picture of a background pony, the video is spot on. We learn that Button Mash lives at home with his mother, father, and brother. Unfortunately, the only name we know in Button Mash’s family is just his own. The entirety of the episode goes through with no mention of any other names. (Sweetie Belle is present, but of course we all know who she is.)

The main goal of any pilot episode in a series is the development of both the setting and characters. From that perspective, the episode does a great job at defining the character Button Mash as a young energetic foal who loves playing video games. The episode also establishes that his mother is quite typical as any mother would be except for the moments she goes to show how cool she can be (e.g., speaking Humgonian back to her son). Unfortunately, the episode didn’t expand on the other two characters introduced in the beginning, the father and brother. Not a bad thing as this opens up new material that can be introduced in further episodes.

Overall, the comedy is great, and all the scenes add a little something more to the character Button Mash. It would be nice to see a more coherent story in the future, but for a start, the episode is done quite well!

Button Mash and His Mother

Button Mash and his mother


JanAnimations has created some amazing-looking works before and this video is no exception. Everything is just as detailed as you would get from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and so good that anyone could easily mistake this for an actual show aired on The Hub. That certainly is an achievement in itself! All the artwork works well with the characters including Button Mash’s room filled with toys and video games galore as we would expect from Button Mash. Button Mash’s mother is a well-designed character that doesn’t look like a fan-created OC. The animation is also quite smooth without any sudden skips in movement. From start to finish, the animation is just a continuous flow without any hitches, a sign of a well-made cartoon.

While the animation looks really awesome, in comparison to something that looks as good as “Children of the Night,” it’s hard to say that they’re at the same level with each other. Missing detailed elements such as shadows, lighting effects, and more, it’s certainly not the prettiest effort seen within the fandom. But again, it’s still has the looks of a great animation that’s both a joy to watch and one that can compete head-on with the actual show. In the end, a job well done!

Button Mash and his Toy Train

Button Mash and his toy train


Right off the bat, I want to note that Button Mash’s voice (done by ShadyVox) is amazingly fitting for the character that is being portrayed in the series. It nails both the young nature and energetic spirit of Button Mash flawlessly. I can’t really imagine another voice doing Button Mash now. The voice of Button Mash’s mother (done by EileMonty) is professional sounding, but it doesn’t really do much justice when compared with what ShadyVox did with Button Mash. However, it’s tough to really complain when Button Mash’s mother hasn’t shown any real unique qualities outside of being a stereotypical mother (aside from the ending scene of her speaking Humgonian of course). Hopefully we’ll see the voice do more with the character in future episodes as we learn more about the mother and can see her unique emotions shine more.

The music for the most part sets the mood of the animation nicely. With the main character being a gamer pony, it’s appropriate hearing music that reflects a gaming atmosphere. We get the standard video game sound effects and music that best suits each individual scene quite well. My personal favorite is the title and credit theme music, and it certainly sticks out as an energetic beat that you can enjoy.

In the end, you get VAs that sound professional and well suited to their characters for the most part and music that sets each scene quite well.

"The Stache" approves of this video.

“The Stache” approves of this video


From the moment I saw the character Button Mash appear in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as a background pony who played games, I was hoping to see more fan content that reflected the character in more detail. With the release of Button’s Adventures, my hopes have been met quite well! Everything fits very well together and the result is a great animation that could be mistaken as canon material from the show. While I hope to see more character development from the mother and introduction of the other characters, the story is something you’ll anticipate looking forward to in future episodes. “Episode Pilot” is a great start for a promising series. I highly recommend watching the video, if you haven’t already, which you can find below.


STORY: 7/10


SOUND: 8/10


  • Anonymous

    /mlp/ already has created all sorts of r34 featuring BM and his mom.

  • I was kind of torn on the voice acting. I think Button’s acted well, but I just find his voice itself incredibly grating. (it doesn’t help that he seems to be in Yell Mode most of the time.) But his deliveries of the lines are usually spot on.

    Button’s mom is also well done, and I think her voice sounds right as well. She doesn’t bother me like Button’s does. I’m probably going to keep watching new episodes as they come out, and maybe I’ll get used to Button’s voice, but I do wish that there was a different voice for him. (Still done by ShadyVox, though, since good voice acting is hard to pull off.)