Canterlot Radio – Nightmare Night Cosplay Contest



A little holiday contest from our friends over at Canterlot Radio.

Halloween is a special night of the year for many people, but in the world of Equestria, it is commonly known as Nightmare Night, where we pay homage to the dreaded Nightmare Moon. In keeping with the tradition, Canterlot Radio is offering up a great way to pay tribute to the Mare in the Moon, and get rewarded for it. Canterlot Radio is throwing its’ first ever Nightmare Night MLP Cosplay Contest, and we want you to enter and show off your incredible Cosplay skills.

While we don’t have candy to give away to you MLP cosplayers, we do have something sweeter. We have prizes for third, second, and first place in our cosplay contest and they are as follows.

Details after the page break.


3rd Place – One Funko POP DJ-Pon 3 or Derpy Hooves Vinyl Figure (Releases November 15th)


2nd Place – “My Little Pony: The Elements of Harmony: Friendship is Magic: The Official Guidebook”, signed by author Brandon T. Snider

1st Place
 – A ChaoticBrony Custom Made Nightmare Moon necklace with a back engraving of your choice.

How will the winners be decided? We are proud to announce that two very popular members of the MLP industry have agreed to be judges for our cosplay contest.They are…


MLP:FiM writer M.A. Larson, who has written for several popular episodes including, “Ponyville Confidential”, “Magical Mystery Cure”, and “Luna Eclipsed”


G.M. Berrow, who has written several popular books based around the MLP:FiM series including “Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell”

We know there are different incarnations of MLP Cosplays, so we want to see some creativity in your costumes. We don’t care if your vision of these ponies are human, anthromorphic, or just full out fursuit, we want to see what you, the pony-loving cosplayer can show us to blow the socks off of us (Well, I guess if your version of a pony wears socks, then you might want to make sure it’s not too blow-off-your-socks-ish).

Now, how can anypony enter our cosplay contest? Here are the rules

1) EMAIL us a picture of your cosplay to with the subject name “Nightmare Night Cosplay Contest” If you wanna tell us a little bit on how you made the costume, that would be fine as well.

2) ALL Photos/Entries MUST be received by October 25th, at 12 Midnight EST! The winners will be announced during our Nightmare Night Special on October 30th at 3PM EST on BlogTalkRadio! 

Well what are you waiting for? Get to work on your costumes! Nightmare Night will be here before you know it, so it would be wise to bring your cosplay photos to us! We would be most pleased! So pleased, We may share them instead of sharing….YOU! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!


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