Canterlot Radio Premieres next Wednesday, March 20th 3pm EST

If the name Dennis Daniel rings a bell, well that is no surprise as he has been featured multiple times here on DHN for his interviews with Cathy Weseluck, Trevor Devall, Nicole Oliver, Maryke Hendriske and most recently Brenda Crichlow. Well Mr.Daniel is taking these interviews a step further and launching a brand new show called Canterlot Radio, which will premiere this Wednesday @ 3pm EST.

Get ready for a new kind of radio program. A program built by Bronies, FOR BRONIES! The All Taste Explosion Network invites you to the official premiere of “Canterlot Radio”!

Reaching all corners of Equestria with 5,000 watts of friendship, from Sweet Apple Acres, to the Crystal Empire, Canterlot Radio brings you some of the most creative, astonishing, and vibrant fan created content you can find. Be it music, articles, or even call-in listeners, Canterlot Radio is sure to offer even something for everypony.

Join your host, DJ Mic Check, as he brings you the music, call-ins, and contests that you expect from the “Colt of Personality”!

Help make internet radio “20% Cooler” with tuning into the premiere of “Canterlot Radio”, This Wednesday, March 20th at 3PM EST on BlogTalkRadio! 

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