Time for a little merchandise news, especially if you missed it over in the hurricane that is EqD.  An art brony named Atlur got some cell phone pictures of some back stock items at Target, apparently the Canterlot set and DVDs that will be coming out on August 1st.  You can find the pictures here in the EqD article.

First off the Canterlot set, I’m not even sure what is going on here.  It looks very flat, and almost like its a big thing of cardboard.  Of course this is meant to be a toy for children, but still.  I remember having Greyskull Castle from the He-Man series back in the 80s, it was molded plastic and had a drawbridge and was very cheap, but still very cool.

The DVD on the other hand seems to have everyone upset.  We are unsure if this is what they were talking about at the MLPCon Q&A.  It contains two episodes, Suited For Success and Ticket Master.  Its said all these items carry a “Canterlot” theme to go with the toy, but of course begs the question as to why only one of the two episodes is even remotely Canterlot related.  And its said that the DVD isn’t even HD.

[Personal Opinion]: The DVDs are just a ploy to suck the hard earned money of parents away to make their children happy.  $10 for two episodes is a bit insane, and we thought iTunes was smoking something with their prices.  As said in the comments from EqD, hopefully there will be an actual DVD/Blu-Ray set created for people in HD.  But only time will tell.  They know hardcore collectors will get these DVDs along with anything else they put out, and that’s just money in the bank.

(Source: EquestriaDaily)

On an unrelated side note, it was pointed out to me that our comment section was “login” only, there was no anon choice.  This has changed, and now you can hide in the shadows and comment (or heckle).

  • Anonymous

    As an anime fan I know a lot about 2 episode dvds.

  • Anonymous

    Now all shall fear me, anon!

    On a more related note, I'm hoping we don't only have these 2-episode dvds. Although they did promise something was in the works, I hope this wasn't it.