Castle Creator? What?


Seriously, I didn’t even know this existed. Castle Creator is a game on the hub’s website where you can place ponies in different places in different scenes. How is this relevant? Because they updated it with Derpy.

Those folks over on EqD mentioned something about her image in the flash being called Derpy.swf, so I guess that’s the canon name now? I’m cool with that. I have no idea who took the time to find that out but the guy who originally found it and informed them is Whatshisgame.

  • Night Star

    What i love from this "news" is that we on Facebook and MadPonies podcast had confirmation of this by animator Reel Erica Pitt on

    Official name is Derpy Hooves since previous season.


  • Spazz

    Hahah, it's walfas' create.swf with ponies.

  • WesWolf

    I made Derpy into a magical girl

  • Cinnamon Fritter

    Until she's named in show or a toy is released, I don't think anything is official. I highly doubt Hasbro has gone so far as to check all the file names on their website and given each one the 'Official Canon File Name' stamp. This flash game was made by one or two contract flash animators, not anyone with canon establishing authority.

    And in that same podcast, Ms. Pitt also states that Ditzy-Doo is another name for our beloved wall-eyed pony.

    Unfortunately we're still in the dark on Ditzy-doo's real name. Nothing is official until Hasbro themselves hands us her character and says "Here, this is *so-and-so*"

  • derpymaths

    Ms. Ditzy Derpington D. Hooves