Cathy Weseluck Interviewed by


A relatively new commercial site run by TV Store Online has interviewed Cathy Weseluck. Here a small excerpt:

BRONY.COM: Then what about Mayor Mare, how did you find that character and voice?

CATHY WESELUCK: Oh the Mayor is basically just my own base voice. When any other actor uses their own base voice they tend to go into a mode. In other words, what I would say in my own voice, “Hello, I’m Cathy and I’m the Mayor.” It’s no different then if you were an actor on camera. When you put yourself in the role of someone playing a mayor, then you get into that character. You imagine yourself literally as being a Mayor. There’s a presentation feel to the character. So you just put yourself into the character. When I teach in my workshops, I even teach that it’s important to go to the essence of the character first. Meaning, I let myself feel that character and ad-lib in that character how I may think they’d respond if they were in trouble, or sad or under attack or something. I like to work with the essence first and work out in the details in the script after.

Head over here to read the full piece.

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