Night Club Princess
by *alexmakovsky

That’s right you fillies and gentlecolts! Your lovable on-air DJ and station owner Shamrock here to tell you about something preeeeetty awesome that we have set up for you guys. Starting THIS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD @ 6PM CDT (that’s 7 for Easterners and 11PM for those in the UK) Celestia Radio is presenting our biggest, baddest feat yet. An incredibly amazing, fantasmically inspiring, Holy Grail of an event the likes of which have never been seen before! A 200 hour, I repeat, two HUNDRED hour LIVE on-air DJ marathon with all of your favorite Celestia Radio personalities, Brony community stars, and even something a little special from some of My Little Pony’s favorites.

So what’s the occasion? I’m glad you asked! You see, there’s a wonderful little girl out there who needs your help. Yes, each and every one of you. No Brony is too big or too small to help. I’m speaking of Kiki Avivy, a wonderful little girl who’s had a tough battle with cancer. We’ve helped her out once before, but she needs our help yet again. If you find it in your hearts to help her, please click the red donate button on the top right of our webpage. After the event, we will present her with a gift of all donations we receive. That’s right, 100% of the donations to our site between Nov 3rd @ 6PM CDT and Nov. 12th @ 2AM CST will go directly to her cancer treatment.

So what are we going to be doing, exactly? Well you can check out our full schedule HERE, but I can give you a hint of some cool things we have planned. We’ll have our newest partnership Brony Health Group on Saturday evening to discuss what it is they do. We’re also going to be discussing the affects of cancer and raising a great deal of awareness for Kiki’s cause extending through Sunday. Monday will see us starting the work week off strong with your favorite personalities including yours truly all day– expect lots of surprise guests and call-ins! As for Tuesday, well, it -is- an Election year after all. Who knows what might happen? As Wednesday marks our half-way point, we’ve got a really exciting interview to bring to you, but I can’t say with who yet! We’ll keep the goodness going Thursday with more community guests from the likes of The Vinyl Scratch Tapes, Fallout: Equestria Radioplay, Pony in a Box, and more. Tune in Friday to see a good mix of all the DJs our station has to offer, including a wonderful show by good friend Lauren Goodnight! Saturday the 10th is only the BEGINNING of the end as MLP: FIM SEASON 3 PREMIERES! And guess what? We’re co-sponsoring coverage of it with BRONYSTATE! That’s right, from now on, Celestia Radio and Bronystate work to bring you the what’s what of episode analysis, prediction, and interpretation with our new Season 3 Pre and Post shows! And who could forget our brave Servicemen and women in the military. Sunday Nov 11th marks Veteran’s Day and we’ll be inviting FOB Equestria and all Military bronies to come on air with us and discuss their life’s work. Please help us celebrate the wonders of life and service as we head into the finale of our wondrous event, and learn what kind of an impact your contributions have had.

So do what you do best, Bronies. Listen to our craziness by tuning in to Celestia Radio during that time and experience the wonder and joy we have doing what we love. And if you love it just a little bit, and it makes you feel good to be a Brony, please Donate. On behalf of all our staff here at Celestia Radio, as well as Kiki and her family, we would be extremely grateful. I hope you’ll enjoy what we have to offer, I know I’m excited about what’s about to happen and there’s a lot of amazing changes happening here. Let’s band together to make this an event NO ONE will forget!