Celestia Radio: Doctor Hooves Adventures

Announcement of an upcoming event on Celestia Radio for any fans of the Doctor Whooves Radio Play put on by Squeak.

“This Saturday Celestia Radio is getting a little wibbly with the Doctor Whooves Adventures. Starting at six We’ll be airing the first episode Number 12 Part one, immediately followed by the premiere of the  second half of the saga, Number 12 part two, equalling up to well over an hour of Timelord pony goodness! Followed by an interview of the cast and crew about future episodes and events where we’ll be taking questions from the chat. Just go to Ponify.me to listen, and keep track of the blog and the Tumblr  for more info. Bring your popcorn, drinks and sonic screwdriver, thing’s are going to get Timey Whimey in Equestria.”

Date: 4/7/12 @ 6pm ET


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