Mimobot, the designer USB drive company, is at the Consumer Electronics Show and showed off some MLP thumb drives.

This seems to be the only image that I can find, and none of the tech blogs that I follow have said anything about this.

Mimobot’s site lets you pick out the style of the drive and then the storage, from 8-64 GB, with the cheapest being $20.

[Source: SoSilver’s Pony of the Day]

  • Someone shared this to G+ last night. It looks like it says they’ll be there in February.

    Definitely grabbing Twilight. Even though I barely use flash drives anymore.

  • Anonymous

    $20 for 8gb?
    A bit on the pricy side if you want just a USB thumb drive, but seeing as it is both “designer” and MLP-branded, I guess it could be a lot worse.

  • Squeakybunny

    These are the same molds they have for most of their drives other than the paint job. I have the Hello Kitty Balloon and it has the same shape.

  • There is more MLP branded electronic merch at CES 2013: a bunch of MP3 players and headphones. See photo here: http://my-little-pony.livejournal.com/1609081.html