Chords of Chaos Charity Album

Chords of Chaos

It is Halloween, and naturally this calls for Halloween-themed music. In fact, 18 musicians of My Little Remix have combined their forces and produced a full Halloween album!

But then they wondered, “Whither with all those Bandcamp moneys?” Before long they remembered that Bronies for Good are running a fundraiser for an orphanage in Uganda, an orphanage that provides a new family for children who have lost everyone to war or disease, and an orphanage that wants to expand and yet remain self-sufficient through the building of a chicken farm.

This valiant band of musicians decided to forward their Bandcamp returns directly to Your Siblings, who fundraise for the project, and who, in turn, will forward every cent they receive.

Listen to the preview after the break, but to download the album in its full glory, please support this great campaign with a generous donation!

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