Hurricane by Lucky-phantom

Hurricane by Lucky-phantom

Kefkafloyd of The Round Stable has interviewed Cindy Morrow, writer of many Friendship is Magic episodes, among them Hurricane Fluttershy, Read It and Weep, and most recently One Bad Apple.

As a writer who also has extensive experience as storyboard artist on well-known shows such as The Powerpuff Girls, she has a unique insight into the production process of animated series, but she also dives down into more pony-historical detail, for example, when she mentions her secret reference work for the song in The Show Stoppers. This fact is especially tantalizing, as she reveals that she “did play in a rock band a few years ago.”

What styles of story do you particularly enjoy writing? Adventures, or slice-of-life stuff? Ensemble episodes or character focus portraits? When you’re at the story meetings, what makes you look at a story idea and go “ooh-ooh, I want that one”?

I do enjoy stories that revolve around relationships between 2 or 3 characters, or 1 that deals with inner character turmoil. Whenever a character makes a bad choice and has to learn from it, I love that. Because that is who we are, from the moment we are born. It’s something every single person can relate to–having to learn from a mistake.

Now head over there to check out the full interview and find out whether Chimicherry or Cherrychanga!

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